Friday, October 21, 2011

No Gentleman Is He

No Gentleman Is He

Co-Authored by:
 Carley Bauer and Lynette Willows.

After six months of writing interactively with Lynette Willows in what could only be described as an impassioned frenzy, it dawned on us that we created numerous characters with excellent storylines. The decision was made to branch each of these stories into single title romance novels; all set during the American Revolution in various geographical locations with assorted characters.  After tossing around which characters and story to put in manuscript form first, we decided on Cassandra and Colton, set in 1775 Virginia. One line in the story stood out as the only appropriate title. Hence, "No Gentleman Is He".  Below is a brief back cover description of our work.

Young, beautiful and widowed in a new land, where Cassandra Courtney Brooks and her deceased husband dreamed of raising a superior breed of saddle horses, she found herself left with four horses, living in a tavern attic and her scant savings depleted when her husband perished. With a resolve to see her envisage to fruition, the young widow accepts the scandalous position of steward at Varina Farms, rather than return to the aristocracy she left behind in England.  She is soon forced to question the wisdom of the adventurous spirit that led her to a new life when she finds herself enamored with the lusty and dangerous owner.

Born in the image of his dark skinned great-grandmother, it was rumored Colton Rolfe carried the savagery of his Indian ancestors, as well. Scorned by his father, Colt grew into a man of ill temperament who's only true love was the wild equine beasts on his plantation. His desire to breed his horses with the superior saddle breeds of the newly widowed Cassandra Brooks left him defying all societal rules when he offered her a position at Varina Farms.

She needed only a place to house her horses; he wanted nothing more than a steward. Both fought the attraction, each in their own heart knowing they could never overcome the insurmountable odds. Their story unfolds to find Colt's growing resentment toward the crown's taxes complicated by the discovery that Cassandra's father is a titled Englishman. The murder of a young woman on his land points directly at him. Now she must face the truth. Could the county be right? Is Colton Rolfe a cold-blooded killer?