Saturday, May 12, 2012

On Ethics and Hypocrisy

The economy we live in today is unlike any other. Not only are we held in financial captivity by Wall Street, but by the ignorance of our own people. I am floored by the hypocrisy of those who sit in judgment of the ones suffering; even more aghast that they are blinded by blatant political maneuvering. The sanctimonious rhetoric regarding those who need help from our government screams out at me from my television and news outlets daily.  Today, my words are for those who forget from whence they came.

Being in my mid fifties, my husband and I were fortunate enough to raise our family during a booming, thriving economy. Our family decisions were based on how to raise the children, rules, schooling and the like. There was never a question of enough food on the table or money to pay the bills. Sure, some years were tight; we worked hard and make choices. Still, we were raising our family in the land of plenty. My children's generation must scrape by in ways we were never forced to.

Mockery can often be found if you scratch the surface of those who loudly proclaim self sufficiency. Take Max* (not his real name) as a prime example. Max frequently posts disgruntled, disparaging remarks on facebook pertaining to social safety nets and those lazy sots receiving help. Max's children, one son and two daughters, are grown. The state raised them from infancy because he was too busy snorting coke, running women and facing trouble with the law. Now Max trolls churches for financial help to pay his bills. The children he left now help Max.

Tess in Oklahoma has found the Lord. She is reunited with the husband she left because he sexually abused their son. They receive free medical care due their children's 'issues'. She touts her love for the Lord, adamantly refuses to believe anyone but her family is entitled to benefits (the country can NOT afford it!) and parrots the hate speech of her pastor who has informed her that President Obama is evil.

Maybe I missed the ethics class. When did these people become beacons of their community? Where is the outrage when a man who broadcasts a successful radio program refers to the former president's daughter as "the Whitehouse dog" and then proceeds to call a woman testifying on birth control "a slut"? The silence of the moral right is deafening. The demographics of Rush Limbaugh's listeners speaks volumes, folks. His listeners live and breathe his hatred without a clue as to what it is doing to our country. When is the last time you heard anyone on the right fringe lament on Limbaugh's drug use and numerous marriages? Maybe it's me. I tend to look at those idiosyncrasies before holding someone's opinion close to my heart.  

The most corrupt in our country wear the church as a cloak. They are not beacons of light. They are hate mongers breeding their seeds of destruction in uneducated minds. Make no mistake, the less educated our people, the less informed, the more susceptible they are to the ignorance spewed on our airwaves and into our homes.

Open your eyes! Fiends ravaging the church's good will for money, while gamble theirs away, is not the example to be followed. There is no true morality in masquerading behind thoughtless words posted on a social network. Look beneath the surface and you will find it is often the poor, the needy, and poverty stricken who uphold the ethics of our country.

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Emily Kennedy said...

Enjoyed your post. I, too, am bumfuddled by the hypocrisy rife in this country. The blindfolded manner in which people support and defend laws that hurt the poor. Craig T. Nelson, an actor and rabid Conservative, testified that he was on food stamps and Medicaid, but he didn't get any help from anybody. This says it all.