Sunday, August 26, 2012

When Dreams Come True or Being Published

When the hunger to grow in your chosen field coincides with ability, great potential lies ahead. Just how did I come to this philosophic conclusion? Somewhere between 6th grade when the teacher's college-age daughter visited our class to see 'who wrote that story' and August 24 many years later when my co-author, Lynette Willows  and I learned our first attempt at writing a book would be published.

Did I say our first attempt? Technically, yes. You would have to peel back the layers of a decade though to get to the core of our 'interactive writing'. We met in a writing group (hers) and quickly recognized each other as the competition. I have been convinced for years that females and competition is a tricky situation. Males learn from boyhood to compete in athletics. It comes naturally to them to clash in a good sport sort of fashion. Given time, Lynette and I learned to make our competitive natures work in our favor.  I am at a loss as to how to explain us. Outside of our love of writing, we have little in common. She is more likely be found in the remote wilderness fly fishing while I would as easily be found traipsing the streets of New York City. Yet she is the peas to my carrots. It just looks prettier on the plate together. What, you ask, is the result of our unlikely union? Our first book in the 'Sons of Liberty' series, "No Gentleman Is He" will be published by Tirgearr Publishing before the end of 2012!

Am I excited? Stunned would be a better description! Years of practice has paid off. I believed in 'No Gentleman Is He', in our characters and in the Sons of Liberty series as a whole. Still Margaret Mitchell believed in GWTW and it took her how long...Okay, I suppose I shouldn't compare us to the classic...yet. 
Lynette Willows and I are both aware how fortunate we are to be published by Tirgearr. Kemberlee Shortland and her staff have been incredibly helpful as this process unfolds. Being given direction by top notch authors and editors is a dream come true to two women who decided a little over a year ago to write a series of books! One day I am editing a manuscript and the next (or so it feels) I am making decisions on cover art.

Look for much more in the coming weeks! I will update on the progress and release date of 'No Gentleman Is He". (Pssst... the second book in the Sons of Liberty series is underway, so look to hear more about it as well!)

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Carley Bauer

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