Monday, September 26, 2011

Animal Rights Activist or Black Penis Envy?

I gave thought to the prudency of broaching what could possibly be an offensive topic. After all, a writer aspiring to be a published author in the near future could make enemies. Any controversy in the romance genre, which I write and network, rarely extends beyond subjects that sell books. What will the reader accept and purchase, etc. It occurred to me, am I really a writer if there are topics I avoid in my personal blog? Is a blog no more than a means of networking or is it a vehicle by which I can get my ideas out there; make people think? There are times when a writer should not merely rock the boat. We must tip the boat over and watch as everyone scrambles to safety. This is one of those times.

After watching a disappointing (to Eagles fans) Sunday afternoon Eagles vs. Giants game, the hubs and I went to the local grocery store. The deli, looking like it had been through a war with all of the pre-game orders, was now void of any activity. Monty (hubs) asked the clerk, a nice looking young black man, if we needed a number. He politely replied, no, he would be happy to take our order. In a laughing voice he added, "You're not Giants fans, are you?"
After assuring him we were not, a spirited discussion regarding the 'damned Giants" and Michael Vick's hand injury ensued, as he filled our order. Just as my husband explained that it was Vick's right hand (he throws with his left) that was injured, the customer behind us rudely announced it was Vick's comeuppance. "He is finally feeling a little of the pain he put the dogs through", he ranted.
I turned to the uninvited participant of our Eagles cheering section. "Vick's has paid his debt to society." Turning my attention back to the discussion, we were once more interrupted by the opinionated middle aged pasty skinned man behind us.
"He has not yet begun to pay down his debt!" (There was more but I will spare you.)
Sighing loudly, I turned back to see he was averting his eyes from my husband and I to glare at the clerk. In that moment it became clear the discussion was not so much about animal rights and Vick's prior conviction as it was his skin color.  Never being one to let an opportunity for a little rubbing of salt in what was clearly an open wound with this intruder; I proceeded to count off the numerous accolades of Michael Vick, topping it off with, "President Obama praised The Eagles for giving him a second chance."
After wiping the froth from his mouth, he (still avoiding eye contact with me) told the clerk he would see Vick's fall. "You just wait!" He rampaged.

The clerk looked over the counter. In a voice that had not an iota of sarcasm he asked, "Sir, are you a Republican?" He then looked over at my husband and me adding, "Republicans always seem to fly off the handle over these things."
We burst out laughing and left him to deal with the irate customer behind us. We were fortunate in that we could walk away. The clerk couldn't. He has to listen to the rage of a man who I am convinced didn't give a fiddler's damn about Vick's conviction. He has been emboldened by the racism that has reared its ugly head in this country.

In conclusion, I am neither an animal rights activist nor someone who would harm animals. I am a citizen who believes once a debt to society is paid, we move on. Furthermore, I am not someone who believes in bulling someone because I am in the position to do so. Above all I am a person who can enjoy a conversation with various people from different backgrounds. How much more enriching my life is; than those who limit themselves with their own anger.

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