Thursday, September 29, 2011

Versatility in Writing or How to Uncover Five Unknown Facts

I wish to offer a big "Thank You" to S.L. Bartlett of awarding me one of the five "Versatility in Writing" Awards. It is greatly appreciated and hopefully somewhat deserved.
The policy is that you also give this award to five deserving bloggers along with disclosing five things no one knows about you. The first I have to forego as I shamefully must admit to not reading five blogs with enough consistency to recommend more than three. (I am a newbie to blogging, though not writing.)
Joanna Bourne offers invaluable advice to aspiring authors. As she writes Historical Romance, I find her blog useful and humorous.
I have long been a fan of S.L. Bartlett's writing. I would happily set aside a purchased book to read her latest Romantic Adventures or Blog.
She inherited my love of writing.  

My List:

1) As attested to in my only choosing three blogs, I break rules. (Yes, I could have lied; easily found two more blogs.) I find rules a nuisance. They are an unnecessary restriction that blocks creativity. I love to push the envelope, break the rules and above all question authority. Yes, I was a rebellious teen who drove my parents to madness. No worries, my payback come in the form of my oldest child. There is a glitch in my thinking that makes me believe a slight twist will make anything a little better.

2) I still have my dad's favorite shirt. The one I bought him for Christmas one year.  The color enhanced his blue eyes. The ones that shone with brightness before cancer and chemo sucked the life out of him. RIP Dad.

3) My nails have not been polish-free since I was seventeen.  There is no reason for a lady not to have nice hands.

4) For five years I was the president of a Father's Right's group. (They asked; I accepted the position.) I helped create laws, wrote a column in our monthly news letter, spoke at legislative hall and went on television several times.

5) I possibly have the world's worst singing voice.

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