Friday, September 30, 2011

A Degree...Really? Or What Are They Teaching in Schools These Days?

Belonging to several writing communities along with networking among other aspiring and published writers, I am left with one question. Does anyone teach proper English any longer? I am the first to admit the advent of the calculator saved me a multitude of mathematical errors in my day. Although math has never been second nature to me; through the years I have mastered 'it'. Also, I do not proclaim to make a living as a mathematician.

 Technology also allows us to use grammar and spell check on our handy dandy laptops. I still believe a common sense, basic language skills approach works. No one asks for twenty-four/seven perfection. I confess, while on IM, banging out a rough draft or in a chat room I pound out words at record speed that may contain an error or two. However if I am blogging, writing an article, etc, I use a word program as a backup.

I am floored to hear the same person who cannot distinguish between "there, their and they're" profess to have spent four years in college. Do they buy a degree? I assure you it was not earned. I am left wondering exactly how uneducated the people we send out into the work force are. This is basic elementary education, not rocket science.

Numerous articles have sprung forth in recent months regarding the mass production of romance books and the lack of editing. Not only is this evident in self-publishing but among well respected publishers. A few How To books are now suggesting we re-edit our own books. Perhaps it is a prerequisite for those who want to avoid blaringly obvious blunders in the finished product. Might I suggest as well, if you intend to write professionally, invest in a word program or...Lern ta spel.

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